No: 430, 22 December 2021, Press Relase Regarding the High Level Meeting on Syria Held in Nur-Sultan on 21-22 December 2021

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 22.12.2021

The seventeenth round of the International Meeting on Syria in Astana format was held on 21-22 December 2021 in Nur-Sultan. At the meeting, latest developments in the political process, situation in Idlib, humanitarian aid and counter-terrorism issues were discussed.

The parties reiterated their strong commitment to Syria's political unity and territorial integrity. They emphasized the importance of maintaining calm in the Idlib De-escalation Area and agreed to make further efforts to improve the humanitarian situation on the ground.

The Parties underlined that illegitimate self-rule initiatives under the pretext of fighting terrorism are unacceptable. They expressed their grave concern about the increasing attacks and oppression against civilians by separatist structures in the east of the Euphrates, and in this context, our determination in the fight against the PKK/YPG terrorist organization was emphasized.

The Parties reiterated their commitment to advancing the political process in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 2254. In this context, they called for holding the seventh round of the Constitutional Committee as soon as possible with a constructive approach by the Syrian parties.

The return of Syrian refugees was also discussed at the meeting. The Parties underlined the importance and priority of facilitating the return of internally displaced persons and refugees to their original places of residence in a dignified, safe and voluntary manner.

Working Group on the Release of Detainees/Abductees, Handover of Bodies and Identification of Missing Persons has also convened on the sidelines. Mutual release of some detainees on 16 December as part of the sixth project of the Working Group was welcomed. It was agreed to continue such activities and cooperation.


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