Press Release regarding the seizure of a ship by the Greek Coast Guards on the grounds that it was transporting explosive items to Libya:

Trablus Büyükelçiliği 12.01.2018

In the wake of the seizure of the Tanzanian flagged ship, named Andromeda in Crete offshore by the Greek Coast Guards on January 7, 2018 on the grounds that it was transporting items to Libya that can be used to make explosives, appeared in Greek and Libyan media outlets, necessary examination and research have been launched by the relevant authorities of the Republic of Turkey. According to the initial findings,

      In the ship, to be delivered to different companies in Ethiopia, there were items such as detonating cord, anfo, power gel magnum, cable, electric and non-electric blasting cap and solution of ammonium nitrate,

      Regarding the exportation of those items to Ethiopia, necessary permissions were obtained in accordance with the Turkish regulations.

      The ship was loaded at Iskenderun port, where it had docked before it arrived in Mersin port, static tanks, truck bed tankers, truck bed static tanks to be transported to Oman and Yemen.

      Abovementioned initial findings appear to show that exportation was made in due form and those items were not going to be headed to Libya in its departure from Turkey.

      While the matter is being examined in detail, Greek authorities have been requested to share at the soonest documents seized from the ship, statements of the crew members during their interrogation and all other complementary documents and information with the Turkish authorities.

      Our Embassy is in close contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Accord of Libya. All information compiled on this matter is being shared with the State of Libya and the UN.

      Turkey is fully complying with the arms embargo on Libya and closely cooperating with the UN on this matter.

      While Turkey’s stance is clear and the case is still being examined, it is found strange and condemned that some segments in Libya are making delusive and irresponsible comments on social media.


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